Order a DVD

All shows listed on the home page are available on DVD. DVDs are available for a tax-deductible donation to San Jose Peace & Justice Center.
Donations may be made online or by sending a check for $10 to the address below. Each additional DVD in the same order is only $5.
Specify the show/s desired by sending a message to video[at]sanjosepeace.org.

San Jose Peace & Justice Center
48 S. 7th Street #101
San Jose CA 95112

Host a showing

San Jose area residents and organizations are invited to host a showing of one or more of the editions of 48south7th. We can provide a speaker or resource materials to accompany the showing. Direct inquiries to video[at]sanjosepeace.org or call the center 408-297-2299 during business hours (4-7 pm Monday-Friday).

Since launching in June 2010, the series has produced/aired new shows each month.